Japanese new brand

I went to the exhibition of “AURALEE” Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Japanese new brand.
It just launched in Spring/Summer 2015 and is already sold at Ron Herman Japan etc.
I didn’t know this brand but I found some fashionable people in Tokyo wear them when I did “street snap”.

beautiful over sized coat ¥50,000〜60,000 reasonable price!

beautiful over sized coat ¥50,000〜60,000 reasonable price!














The designer focus on fabrics.

It seems suede but not leather!

It seems suede but not leather!

not denim!

not denim!













They are very simple and “effortless” style that is very popular in Japan now but I feel the designer does honest work. I can’t help supporting them…
“Honesty” makes a fine impression…, I thought drinking chocoshake at Urth Caffe.









Tooooo big!!!

kuriguri について

池袋と渋谷を拠点に活動する 副都心線を愛するくりぐりが、 日々の情報を毎週月曜から金曜までアレコレ発信!



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