The Professor Kuriyama report

Kuri a.k.a. Professor Kuriyama reported just-opened shops in Tokyo
on Japanese fashion magazine, GINZA OCT issue.






















I categorized topics of shops on my own…
I hope it won’t hurt their feelings…

I want you to read at least “overview” on the last page.









I wrote “We should play the peacock and make a fashion statement.”
Because I think Japanese young people recently tend to do what is safe
and their feelings are expressed in their fashion.
It’s boring for me…!

In addition, the professor reported GUCCI shop
in Dover Street Market Ginza with a stylist…









Check it out!!

kuriguri について

池袋と渋谷を拠点に活動する 副都心線を愛するくりぐりが、 日々の情報を毎週月曜から金曜までアレコレ発信!


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