SPUR magazine JUN issue

I interviewed, photographed, wrote text and drew illustration
for 2pges in SPUR magazine!
During Paris fashion week,
I tried to find fashionable people “for me” in venues
and got permission to take a photograph of her
and interviewed with her for this project

I’m not good at taking pictures and took a lot of failures
because it’s very difficult for amateur to take a picture
in a low light condition before the show…

Anyway, it seems to turn out the funny pages!

Check it out!


Ms.Iris Apfel enjoys dressing up for all time@DRIES VAN NOTEN


kuriguri について

池袋と渋谷を拠点に活動する 副都心線を愛するくりぐりが、 日々の情報を毎週月曜から金曜までアレコレ発信!



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